Websites in history

Mia Foto

Where the real and the artificial merge

La mia foto
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The photographers' guild taking pictures in interesting events like ceremonies, social events, competitions and so on to be later claimed and cheaply paid for by the retracted people, if interested.
Artnet Italia
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The '90s .net bubble vintage award winning art web site at some time getting as many as half a million page readings. The site is offered as is, but generally with the exception os some icons coming from other web site of the era, it is reasonably working.
Art Game
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The Award Winning Javascript Art Game been developed inside the Artnet Italia project with the masterpieces of the displayed artists, here shown on its own for a vintage entertainment nearly two decades after its inception.
An Across the Ocean Account on Browsers and Machines in the 90's
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An interpretation of the actions of the main online actors seen as the players of a game that requires forming alliances that suddenly turn into full-blown attacks. An oft quoted analyses of forgotten events at the dawn of the information age as we know it now.